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Road Safety Education Program For a New Generation of Drivers

Under the new system of mandatory driving lessons and graduated licensing (for anyone obtaining a learners permit after January 17, 2010), you will be required to take 24 hours of theory (please read the information about the new Quebec law for mandatory driving lessons or contact us for more details, if needed).

Below is a list of our upcoming theory classes, in English, for our classroom in Île-Perrot. Classes are given on a frequent basis. If you can't make all of the driver education classes from one group, you may be able to take those classes with another group, space permitting. It is recommended to take all classes in the order they are given. There is a test in Session 5 which can only be done if Sessions 1 through 4 have been completed.

Please click the "+" to view or "-" to hide the course dates for a specific group. Dates that have already passed are grayed out:



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